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Bronwyn (Bon)

Flower Farmer / Owner

Bon just loves flowers and when we say “loves” we mean she loves, loves, loves them with all her heart.  Bon is passionate about growing naturally and in between all her day to day jobs with the flower farm, you will find her out in the garden adoring her flowers and squealing with delight when she finds ladybugs (her secret weapon for dealing with a lot of garden pests).

Bons garden is her pride and joy and you don’t even have to ask her and she will tell you all about it.  The flowers are treated no differently to the produce she grows for her family which means just as much love and care is placed into each flower in the sprinkle blends.


Flower Farmer / Owner / Hot Delivery Man

Dave is the big projects man that “makes things happen” on the farm.  He secretly loves his insta famous status and always willing to get in on a reel. Dave coordinates the weekend projects with the kids and teaches both to drive machinery and gardening techniques.  His passion came from learning to garden with his grandfather when he was little and is just as passionate about natural farming.  He is always researching different garden techniques and humouring Bon with her crazy ideas

Sam and Emma

The kids / Adorable humans

Sam and Emma are always in the thick of it with the farm. Sam is passionate about machines and since the age of two has always been with Dave to learn how to operate excavators/ tractors and is always happy to help his dad complete projects (especially if he is on the tractor). Sam is also an animal whisperer and if he isn’t on a tractor he is usually walking around hugging one of the ducks.

Emma is the flower fairy of the family and always been in the garden with her parents. She has natural talent and understanding of gardening. She is also cut throat of finding the fruit that has ripened and not telling the rest of us so she gains five days on average of eating the beautiful fruit before the rest of us find them. Em is always in for planting seeds or seedlings with her Dad which normally results in fits of laughter by the mischief they create.


We have a whole menagerie of team players here. Meet our on farm team members.

Trixie the wonder dog

Chief woofa for shooing away cockatoos

Our Indian runner ducks

All named after flowers

Cosmos, Cornflower, Rose, Sweet Pea, Lavender, Dahlia, Blossom, Bumble (the exception) Carrot, Sunflower, Bluebell and Ranunc.

Our ducks have been instrumental in fighting against slug and snails. They enter the garden with Bon each morning and walk along the pathways snail and slug hunting. They help protect the flowers by keeping the snails and slug numbers under control.

Our beautiful

All named after berries

Loganberry, Boysenberry and Cranberry

Our chickens besides their cuteness factor directly help with earwig and slater control. They are also amazing when turning over garden beds with Dave.

Our legendary
Guinea Fowl

Named for their protection qualities

“The enforcers”

Our two guinea fowls were introduced to our farm to help with announcing snakes close by. The even bigger perk is they love eating grasshoppers so it’s a wonderful win win!